Contact information

Office:470 Willamette Hall
Office phone:(541) 346-4853
FAX:(541) 346-5217
Address: Department of Physics
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1274


I am an Associate Professor at the University of Oregon in the Department of Physics with affiliations in the Institute of Theoretical Science and UO Center for High Energy Physics.

My research is in the general area of "physics beyond the Standard Model", including supersymmetry, extra dimensions, deconstruction, grand unification, little Higgs, black holes, etc. A list of research publications is available courtesy of the SLAC spires database and preprint archive.

Some recent press on my research can be found in a New Scientist article (you can read it here), as well as in a piece by Burt Richter that appeared in Physics Today, and this Science Journal piece in the Wall Street Journal.

I am a member of the American Physical Society, whose primary objective is to disseminate physics into the professional community through their journals, and also to the public through outreach programs. The DPF produced a wonderful non-specialist description of the particle physicists' journey to ever smaller distance scales in their publication Quarks Unbound. A somewhat more technical introduction to where particle physics is going (as understood by the 2005 High Energy Physics Advisory Panel) can be found in the nice document Discovering the Quantum Universe.

Tuhin Roy and I are helping organize seminars for 09-10 year.

I am co-organizing a workshop at Fermilab on Beyond the Standard Model: from the Tevatron to LHC, sponsored jointly by an award from URA with additonal funding from the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Group.

I began a series of Ultramini Workshops on Physics Beyond the Standard Model. The series was kicked off with UO Ultramini #1 held in the fall of 2005, followed by UO Ultramini #2 in winter of 2006, then UO Ultramini #3 in spring of 2006, and finally UO Ultramini #4 in spring of 2007, all at the University of Oregon. The Ultramini series went abroad for fall of 2006, and a very successful Edinburgh Ultramini #1 was held at the University of Edinburgh. I am gratified to see that several other workshops modeled on the Ultramini idea have popped up all around the world!

I organized Department of Physics colloquia for Fall 08, Fall 07, and Fall 06.

I co-organized a workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics entitled Particle Theory in Anticipation of the LHC that has some useful reference information for collider tools.

In 2007, I began coordinating the Advanced Project Mentoring outreach effort with South Eugene High School with support in part from the National Science Foundation.

Course website for Modern Cosmology and the Early Universe, offered as PHY663 in Spring 2006 quarter.