UltraMini Workshop on
Cosmology and Astrophysics

22-26 May 2006

Hosted and supported by the Institute of Theoretical Science, the UO Center for High Energy Physics, and the Department of Physics in the beautiful Willamette Hall building on the campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene. Generous support was also provided through a Program Grant from the College of Arts and Science.


All talks will be held in 472 Willamette in the Institute of Theoretical Science conference room unless otherwise noted.

Monday, May 22
Dan Hooper
Measuring Supersymmetric Parameters With
Astrophysics Experiments
Tuesday, May 23
Neal Weiner
New York University
Observational Consequences in Theories of Neutrino Dark Energy
Wednesday, May 24
Cecilia Lunardini
University of Washington
Studying Core Collapse Supernovae with Neutrinos
Gilad Perez
Probing Dark Energy via Neutrino and Supernova Observatories


Graham Kribs is organizing the workshop.

Motivation and Style

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together a very small number of exceptionally active physicists for a concentrated week of talks, collaboration, and stimulated discussion with each other and with physicists within ITS. By bringing several visiting physicists together at the same time, we expect everyone to benefit from more lively, productive, and extended interactions that are not often possible with regular seminars (and the typical "jet in, jet out" style that has become all so common).


We will arrange accommodation for everyone in the Best Western Greentree Inn that is a couple of blocks from Willamette Hall.


The Institute of Theoretical Science is located on the south side of the fourth floor of Willamette Hall. A campus map can be found here which also shows the location of the hotel.

The University of Oregon is located in the beautiful city of Eugene, about 100 miles south of Portland. Here is a Google Map showing Eugene in Oregon relative to its neighboring west coast states of Washington and California.

Getting Here

Graham's General Recommendations
You can either
* Fly directly into Eugene airport, and take the Omni Shuttle (which Jan can arrange) or a taxi over to the hotel. Or,
* Fly into Portland airport, rent a car, and drive to Eugene.

UO Travel Regulations are exceedingly complicated. In fact, recent travel policy has been crafted, apparently due in part to reimbursements for travelers of past UltraMinis, to maximize my difficulty in providing reimbursement for your legitimate expenses. So, here goes:

You should arrive on Sunday, May 21 and leave no later than Saturday, May 27. If you fly into Portland and rent a car, do the following:
(1) Rent a compact car.
(2) Print the top few pages of comparison flights to Eugene, from Orbitz, or Travelocity, or Expedia with the same dates. This should show an economy class set of flights (Orbitz "matrix") that ideally shows that any flight to Eugene exceeds the integrated cost of Portland flight + car rental. If you don't do this, I'll have trouble getting you a full reimbursement.

The Department of Physics has its own set of directions found here.

Driving Directions from Interstate Highway 5
First, print this map that shows I-5 in relation to the University and your hotel. The Greentree Inn is at the northeast corner of Agate and what is listed as Highway 99.

You want to exit I-5 going west on I-105, then take the first exit right onto "Coburg" road towards downtown/University. Follow Coburg over a bridge, and keep to far left lane to merge onto Broadway that becomes Franklin Blvd/Highway 99. Follow Franklin for about 1 mile and you will see the University on your right, and just past Agate, two Best Western hotels on your left, the New Oregon Motel and the Greentree Inn. Pass your destination, take the next left, do a U-turn, and you're there!

Eugene Airport
Eugene has its own small airport, with commuter flights from the major western hubs:
      United (from Denver and San Francisco)
      Delta (from Salt Lake City)
      Horizon/Alaska Air (from Portland and Seattle, also code-shared with Northwest and Continental)
      America West/US Airways (from Phoenix and Las Vegas)

Portland Airport
Portland is a major airport serviced by most airlines and has several on-site car rental companies. I have found Dollar to be the cheapest on-site company (and rented from them many times without any problems).

Driving directions from Portland airport: First, get a map from the rental agency. Head out of the airport, get on I-205 south, merge with I-5 south after about 30 miles, follow I-5 south to Eugene, and then follow the Driving Directions above. The drive will take you a bit under 2 hours one-way.


To secure funding for future workshops, please acknowledge the workshop for work begun, done, or completed here or simply for nice discussions. (And send us the preprint numbers, thanks!)